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Complete Purchase Guide on Krollit

A quick and complete guide to the information needed by everyone who visits Krollit for the first time.


 How to order on Krollit

Click on How to Order to find out right away how to place your order on Krollit.


 How to Pay on Krollit

Click on Payment Methods to find out immediately how to pay for your order placed on Krollit.


 Shipping Costs on Krollit

Click on Shipping Mode to find out immediately the Shipping Methods and Costs applied on Krollit.


 Terms of Purchase on Krollit

Click on Purchase Conditions to immediately check the Purchase Conditions applied on Krollit.


 Post Sales Assistance and Support on Krollit

Click on Support to find out immediately how we are going to support you after-sales support and assistance.


 References and Krollit Contacts

Click on How to contact us to find out immediately our contact references and Krollit company data.


Discover our answers to frequently asked questions from Krollit customers and visitors.



  • How can I contact you?
  • Are you present on Social Networks?
  • Do you have a newsletter service?
  • Do you expect a refund if a product goes on promotion after my purchase?


  • How to order on Krollit?
  • Do I have to register to place an order?
  • What are the Purchase Conditions?
  • How is my privacy protected?
  • Can I request a quote?


  • Which payment methods are accepted?
  • Is it possible to receive the Sales Invoice for purchases made?


  • What is the Shipping Cost?
  • What are the delivery times?


  • What are the warranty conditions?
  • Is there a right of withdrawal?


  • Is it possible to become your dealer?
  • Are Collaboration Opportunities Available?


  • Are Promotions Available?
  • I received a Discount Coupon, how can I use it?
  • What is the Loyalty program?


How can I contact you?

The maximum availability, availability and competence of our Customer Care is one of the strengths most appreciated by our customers. You can send us an email or we can be reached either by phone or via Chat On Line from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm. In the Contact section of the site you will find all our references available.


Are you present on Social Networks?

Of course! We are present both on Facebook and on Instagram but it is above all our Facebook page that we recommend you follow in order not to miss even one of our news, our insights and our promotions. Start following us right away by clicking here!


Do you have a newsletter service?

Of course! Our Newsletter sending service is one of the services most appreciated by our customers! Our Newsletter is a real editorial focused on the news, new products and lots of other information. You can also keep up to date on our Promotions, New Products in the catalog and receive Special Offers reserved for our members.

By subscribing to our Newsletter I would also be entitled to receive a discount coupon worth € 10 * to be used to place your first order on Krollit!

The Coupon is valid for orders of at least € 100 + VAT.

To subscribe now to our Newsletter, all you have to do is click here!


Do you expect a refund if a product goes into the Promotion following a purchase?

Krollit will be happy to reimburse you with the Credit Note for the difference between the amount you paid and the one offered in the Promotion if the item you purchased will be the subject of a promotional offer in the same week as your purchase.

To forward your request you will have to reply to the order confirmation email received at the time of the order indicating the item and the promotion in progress. These requests will be processed within one business day.

It is important that the request is received during the promotion, otherwise we will not be able to issue a Credit Note.


How to order on Krollit?

The products on Krollit can only be purchased online, even if our Customer Care is available to support you in forwarding your orders even by telephone. Find out how to place your orders by visiting our dedicated section: https://www.h-z-g-maschinen.com/en-us/custom/how-to-order/

The name, price and photo are shown in the product list. By clicking on the image it will be possible to access the product description sheet, complete with downloadable technical documentation and the very useful immediate printing function of the product sheet.

After completing the insertion of the products in the cart, it will be possible to view the total of your order and then select the preferred shipping and payment methods.

At the end of the purchase procedure, the system will assign to the customer's order a unique identification number, usable for any subsequent communication relating to the order itself.

Once the shipment has been completed, a message confirming the order will be sent to the customer via e-mail and SMS, with the relative tracking number assigned by the courier in charge of the delivery.


Do I have to register to place an order?

To place an order you must register on our shop: the procedure is quick and simple, your data will always be used in full compliance with current privacy legislation, thanks to your credentials defined during registration, you can make your orders more quickly and access to your Reserved Area where you can monitor the status of your orders, modify your profile and take advantage of Advantages and Promotions. If you want, you can immediately register by clicking here.


What are the Purchase Conditions?

Krollit is made in full compliance with current legislation regulating electronic commerce and distance selling. The Purchase Conditions that govern the Krollit relationship and its customers can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the site, easily accessible from each page visited. They are also proposed in the purchase phase. We invite you to carefully consult our Purchase Conditions before submitting your orders, as they will be considered fully and implicitly accepted from the moment of receipt of orders by our e-commerce system. To immediately view the Purchase Conditions applied to the transactions made on www.h-z.g-maschinen.com you can click here.


How is my privacy protected?

Entering Krollit, a message at the top of the screen informs you that our site uses cookies in order to improve and personalize your browsing experience. By clicking here Policy  Cookie you can see the complete information on how your navigation data is used.

Regarding the protection of your privacy, our site is fully compliant with current legislation on respect for privacy and the management of sensitive data, which will be used by us exclusively for the execution of commercial transactions on the site itself. Click here Privacy Policy to view our complete Privacy Policy, which you will be asked to accept each time you want to submit a supply order.


Can I Request a Quote?

Our commercial policy and our extremely favorable economic conditions proposed on Krollit do not provide for the possibility of offering further discounts on the indicated prices, at least for orders of amount less than 1000 euros + VAT.

We are well aware, however, that for some companies and non-profit associations being able to obtain an offer document on headed paper is essential in order to request approval for the purchase.

For this reason we have dedicated to the topic Estimates a special section of the shop that we invite you to consult by clicking here: https://www.h-z-g-maschinen.com/en-us/custom/how-and-when-request-a-quote-from-krollit/ where you can evaluate whether the nature of your request is compatible with our policy on the creation of supply estimates outside the e-commerce system.


Which payment methods are accepted?

The payment methods accepted on Krollit are freely selectable by the buyer during the purchase procedure and are as follows:

  • Bank transfer in advance: you will find in the summary document of your order the bank details and all the information to proceed with the execution of the bank transfer to balance your order.
  • Credit Card: at the end of the order you will be redirected to the Nexi Payment portal where you can enter your card details through an encrypted procedure to protect your security.
  • Paypal: if you are a Paypal account holder, the e-commerce system will automatically direct you to the Paypal portal at the end of the order and you can proceed with the payment.


Sales invoice

From 1 January 2019 for each transaction made on Krollit an electronic invoice is issued and sent to the customer (companies with VAT number) through the SDI (Inland Revenue Exchange System).

For private parties: a copy of tax receipt


What is the Shipping Cost?

For more information, see the Shipping Costs page.

All our shipments have a tracking service, ask for the tracking number of the shipment via e-mail or SMS. The customer can therefore check the status of his shipment at any time by connecting to the site of the courier used through the link indicated in the message. Click here


What are the delivery times?

within 3 - 6 working days (Saturday, Sunday, holidays excluded) from payment of the order.

In special cases, and if you live in the islands or in a peripheral area, delivery times may last up to 6-9 days.

For products not available for immediate delivery delivery times may vary from 10 to 12 weeks. Contact our sales offices to find out whether products of interest are in stock or not.

Orders for products ready for delivery received by 1.00 pm are therefore entrusted to the courier the day after receipt.

In the case of temporary unavailability of one or more products included in the order, the available goods will be partially sent, subsequently completing the delivery with a further shipment, without any increase for the recipient.


What are the warranty conditions?

All the products sold on Krollit are covered by the official guarantee of the private mother office 24 months (companies with VAT 12 months) For more information, see our Purchase Conditions.


Is there a right of withdrawal?

In compliance with current regulations governing distance and mail order sales, we offer our customers 14 days to withdraw from their purchase. For more information, see our Purchase Conditions.


Is it possible to become your dealer?

On Krollit is available sales or discount policies reserved for retailers. Companies in the sector may request to be authorized to resell the brands directly distributed by the parent company by completing this online form: https://www.h-z-g-maschinen.com/en-us/custom/work-with-us/ and waiting for the contact of one of the managers commercial Sofrapa Healthcare which will assess the fulfillment of the required qualification requirements.


Are Collaboration Opportunities Available?

Thanks to the Affiliate Program you will be able to Earn and Collect Commissions simply by inviting your contacts to buy on our shop. For every sale completed and tracked by our systems, you will be given a sales commission which will be paid to you, upon presentation of receipt or invoice, upon reaching the taxable amount of 150 euros. Visit the section dedicated to our Affiliate Program by clicking here.


Are Promotions Available?

We carry out periodic promotions that we communicate through our Newsletter to all our members. We also carry out specific campaigns to promote our new products or to facilitate the purchase of the most requested products. Being Registered on Krollit and subscribed to our Newsletter are certainly the best ways not to lose any of our Promotions.


I received a Discount Coupon, how can I use it?

Using our Discount Coupons is very simple: on the Your Cart page there is a box in which you will have to type the digits of your Discount Coupon. By pressing the button to the right of the box, the e-commerce system will automatically apply the amount or discount provided by the Coupon to your order.


What is the Loyalty program?

If you are a registered user, each product purchased will earn you a certain number of loyalty points indicated in the product information. Before ordering the product or during the order process, make sure you log in with your credentials to ensure that the points are allocated to your user account.
You will be able to consult the points accumulated in your Customer Area at any time. If you have accumulated enough points you can claim your prize directly from your shopping cart page before concluding a new purchase. Click here to see the list of Awards.