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Loyalty points

 Buying on Krollit Store is even cheaper!



The point collection is born on Krollit-Store. Now for every purchase completed on our store you will earn points to be accumulated to reach the amount necessary to receive the prize you have chosen for FREE from the many available.

Accumulating points is very simple. You won't have to do anything, just continue with your purchases like you've always done. Points will be added to your account automatically after each successful order.


  • In the tab of each product, under availability, you will find how many loyalty points you will get with the purchase of that particular item


  • Entering your customer area, after logging in, you can check at any time how many loyalty points you have already accumulated.


  • Once you reach the points threshold required to claim a prize, in the cart you will see a button to choose your loyalty prize.



What are loyalty points?
These are points attributed to each product based on its value. They accumulate simply by making purchases in our store. They can subsequently be used to request a prize from those on the list.
Can I request any product in the catalog as a reward?
No, it is possible to choose a prize only from those selected and indicated in the list of Loyalty Awards.
Will the list of prizes always be the same?
No. The prizes offered may change at any time and without notice. However, our commitment is always to offer attractive, useful and updated prizes.
I had seen an award but I don't find it among those proposed anymore. Why?
Because the list of prizes is constantly updated and a certain article can be replaced or may no longer be available.
Can I check how many points I have accumulated?
Yes, at any time by accessing the customer area of our site.
I placed an order but my points were not added. Why?
Check that the order has been successful and that the payment of your order has been processed correctly. Points are actually credited to your account only for fully finalized and paid orders. Eventually contact our Helpdesk at your disposal for information and clarifications related to each order.
I have seen two products of equal commercial value, but do not give the same number of points. Why?
Because some products give the right to an extra number of points than the standard. An additional prize in the prize for you!
I am placing an order and with the products I am purchasing I reach the useful threshold to request a prize. Can I already claim the prize?
No, points are credited only when the purchase is completed. You can then use them in your next order.
I have chosen my prize and I am ready to request it. Will I pay additional shipping costs?
No. You will only pay for the shipment that you would have normally paid for your order. Prizes do not affect the shipping costs of the order.
Are the products received as a reward covered by a guarantee?
Of course, like any product available on Krollit Store
I chose and received my award, but I thought better of it. Can I change it?
No, once a prize has been requested it cannot be replaced. We recommend that you evaluate it carefully before requesting, requesting all necessary information for our Customer Care operators.
I have chosen to receive a discount coupon as a prize. Can I already use it in the current order?
No, the coupon can only be used once received. Like any other prize. After the coupon request and order fulfillment, one of our operators will send it to you via email.
I have accumulated points but I'm not going to use them right away. Do they have a deadline?
No, the points do not have a default deadline and you can use them at any time.
I have accumulated points but I'm not going to use them. Can I sell them to third parties?
No, the points accumulated by a certain user are valid only and only for that user. And only from him can they be used to request one of the prizes available.
I bought a product and I was loaded with points. Now I'm about to reorder it, but I noticed that the number of points attributed to it is different than in the past. Why?
Because the number of points that a product gives can change over time. In cases of particular promotions or discounts or because a specific product can be given a special point value, which can only be temporary. The number of points visible in the product sheet at the time of purchase is always taken into consideration.
In the past I have already placed orders on your online store. Will I be charged for points based on the products I previously bought?
No, the points collection is to be considered active and valid only from the day of its publication, July 9th 2019, and the orders will give points right up until the loyalty program is active on our ecommerce.
How many prizes can I request during the order?
A premium may be requested for each order.
If you do not use all the accumulated points to claim a prize, what happens?
To receive the prize, the necessary points will be deducted, while the remaining points may be used for subsequent requests. It will also be possible to continue to accumulate them starting from those remaining.
Do I need to place an order to request a prize?
Yes, the request must be made during the order process and the prize will be sent along with the product or products purchased.