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How and When Request a Quote from Krollit

Krollit is an online e-commerce wholly dedicated to the supply of machinery for processing metal, sheet metal and wood, gardens, construction sites, workshops.

The proven convenience of our commercial proposals derives precisely from our company policy which is based on the application of fair margins and on the extreme automation of sales processes.

For this reason we can confirm that the prices we offer now on Krollit are the most competitive on the market and the best we are able to offer to our customers right now.

Having clarified these important concepts about Krollit, we believe it is useful to inform you that there are two different procedures for requesting supply estimates, to which you are kindly requested to comply with the nature of your request:

1) If the purpose of your request for a quote is to have a shopping document on headed paper that you can submit for approval by your association's management or your company's purchasing department:

- Send an email to info@hzg-maschinen.com or contact us by phone at +39 081/19207919 indicating the fiscal data of the supply quote, any different delivery address, product codes and the quantity of items to be quoted and contact e-mail and telephone numbers. Quotation requests without contact telephone number will not be taken into consideration.

Our sales department will contact you and provide you with the requested quote within 48/72 working hours.

2) For requests for supply estimates exceeding € 1000 + VAT, you can send your request to our sales offices directly from the Krollit cart. Also in this case our sales staff will respond to your request within 24/48 working hours. To request supply estimates exceeding € 1000 + VAT, follow this simple procedure:


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