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Discount special


Promotion with special discounts

Unique opportunity for private customers and retailers

From 01/01 to 28/02/2019

for the following products:

Spaccalegna ZI-HS5TN.         Disponibile from 19/01/2019

Spaccalegna ZI-HS7TU          Disponibile from 19/01/2019

Spazzatrice ZI-KM1000.         Disponibile from 19/01/2019

Spaccalegna verticale ZI-HS16E

Mini transporter (dumper)ZI-MD500HS


Private customers:

For individuals, you will find the offers and promotions on the website!

Recommended not to miss special offers

while stocks last !!!


For resellers:

For retailers look at the discounted price.

For more information send an e-mail to info@h-z-g-maschinen.com

with complete company address.

Special offer is valid until exhaustion escort !!!