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Manual milling machines

Manual milling machines


It helps you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

From choosing the right tool, to a clear explanation of how to use it.



How is a milling machine used?

A milling machine is a high speed rotary cutting tool. Mostly it is used to cut grooves, create ornamental patterns along wooden edges or to dig areas. Drill bits for milling machines are available in various shapes and sizes, depending on the hardness of the wood or other materials to be cut and the type of cut desired.

How to use a wood milling machine?

Wood milling machines have perfect ergonomics and all the power needed for DIY jobs such as cutting slits and grooves, shaping, oblique cutting, profiling and decorative cutting. Setting up a wood milling machine for a DIY job can take a little more practice. Check out our video to find out more information on using a wood milling machine.

Which drill bit to use for the job?

  1) The straight milling bits make cuts to the bottom of the material to form a groove or a plinth or to dig an area for a recessed lock or an inlay.

 2) The grooving tips produce a vertical and horizontal straight cut and are specifically designed to cut a groove (notch) on the edge of a material.

 3) The chamfering tips produce an angled oblique cut. Bevel milling bits are sometimes used to decorate the edge of a material and can also be used in carpentry to create oblique edges for multi-sided constructions.

 4) Edge shaping tips are usually used to carve a decorative border into the material.



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